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StarTRAVELLER is an exclusive membership-only online travel club developed for the StarONE Initiative. Access via a secure website allows members to make a variety of global bookings from travel, hotel & resort accommodation, flights, car rental, cruises, theme parks, sports packages and so much more - all at heavily discounted rates that are further backed by a "best price guarantee"

Members pay an initial lifetime joining fee. This fee is represented by STARXT Secured Income earning tokens (initially STARX tokens which will be converted to STARXT upon its release). Upon signing as a member they also automatically become a holder of STARXT crypto tokens with an annual interest more than covering the StarTRAVELLER Club annual dues. In fact, the STARXT token may provide additional income for members to spend whilst on holiday.

StarTRAVELLER members can at any stage sell/dispose, transfer or upgrade their membership status. The StarTRAVELLER membership also provides a reward points program which can be redeemed for various products and/or services. Rewards points may also be converted to StarPOINTS (our StarWORKS loyalty program) and securely held in our StarWALLET.


StarWORKS will provide a range of products and services including package deals of accommodation and entertainment, nightlife entertainment, merchandising, personal / couple tours, spa services, online travel bookings and family / kid-friendly holidays.

StarWORKS will also offer deals and all-in packages every year on special occasions and holidays to provide packages on a limited budget. This will ensure savings for all customers.

StarWORKS enables the offer of lifetime loyalty points for customers by adopting blockchain technology in its business.

Luxuriate your stay at
Bali Island Villas & Spa

Luxuriate your staycation in Bali with special offer from StarTRAVELLER on partnership program with Bali Island Villas & Spa.

We offer USD 115 for 4 Days 3 Nights with Up to 60% discount for additional service.

Contact us for this special Flybuys program [email protected]

*terms and conditions applied


COVID-19 Vaccine and Travel Bubble among countries might be a good news in this situation.
Let's hope te situation getting better sooner than we expected.

If you are thinking about travel forward let's talk.

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