• StarLABS

    StarLABS operates as a separate business within the StarWORKS family of businesses in Bali, Indonesia, and Los Angeles, California and includes financial and digital marketing, data mining, social media, blockchain technologies, hosting services, point-to-point transaction processing, web and mobile phone apps, and much more. Integration is a key component of StarWORKS Technologies which in turn supports the StarWORKS Corporate business of incubating and accelerating client and related businesses.

  • Future expansion is expected to come from the establishment of the StarWORKS Academy and StarLABS Campuses at Bali. We seek to predominantly target the ASEAN countries, the world’s fastest developing region in tourism, internet, and mobile phone markets, where demand for sophisticated mobile integration services is escalating and where specialist skills and systems are in development.

  • The key element of StarWORKS Technology’s strategy is the development of compelling tools for the hospitality, food & beverage, and lifestyle market sectors. We have identified many opportunities through via our fast-growing technology development and web/net integration business.

  • Our Ecosystem platform developed by StarLABS is tailored for specific business applications within the Travel, Tourism and Hospitality sector including marketing, content, operations, communications, and e-commerce systems.