StarCHAIN is StarWORK’s proprietary blockchain technology that is being developed for our STARXS Series Tokens. Major benefits include that it will require fewer gas fees and energy consumption.


StarCHAIN is specifically developed for the Travel, Tourism and Hospitality Industry which forms the basis of our Ecosystem. Products and services will become optimized to provide greater levels of customer satisfaction with secure, safe, and transparent transactions.

Icon minimize human error

In real-life examples, when a customer books a hotel they will be able to see current room availability, inquiries, orders, cancellations, refunds and claims will process via smart contracts using our StarCHAIN blockchain. Online booking agents can also take advantage of this technology for accommodation and flights to minimize human error, wrong/double bookings, scams and so much more.

Icon Business advantage

Businesses can also take advantage of our platform, whether it be a multinational or small business that requires further growth and expansion. For example, running a loyalty program can be costly and heavily resource dependant.

Icon smart contracts

However, by using StarCHAIN all data will be managed and secured by smart contracts. Every transaction recorded on the blockchain will help businesses become far more efficient and less susceptible to error. The loyalty program can allow for points to be rewarded in token/coins and securely stored for redemption, trading, or cash conversion.