StarWALLET has various functions allowing for purchasing of STARX tokens, management of integrated StarPOINTS reward program (from participating StarWORKS business partners & merchants), payment transfers, promotional offers and monitoring of StarX price.

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Integration of StarPOINTS Rewards System

StarWALLET initially developed to manage STARX tokens is an ERC 20 compatible wallet where users can store their crypto assets.

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Sunset Tap & Go!

Future development offering “tap and go” enables the users to use STARX or STARXP (StarPOINTS program) as a currency to pay expenses in everyday situations.

The payment system is available to those merchants that registered on the StarWORKS Ecosystem platform.

In addition, every transaction is rewarded via the StarPOINTS program, a marketing and promotional tool available to StarWORKS Ecosystem adopters.


FWe have incorporated 2FA (2-factor authentication) security into the architecture of the wallet which the user can initiate. In addition, Captcha is intergrated for protection against robot/computer theft or fraud.

The development of StarWALLET uses a layered security program with all core transactions such as receiving and transferring tokens using blockchain.

Future developments will also incorporate fingerprint recognition/sign-in on the mobile app.