Welcome to StarWALLET, the ultimate digital wallet for managing your digital assets and StarPOINTS rewards!

With StarWALLET, you can manage, earn and redeem your integrated StarPOINTS reward program, send and receive StarX tokens and other digital assets* easily.

Download StarWALLET today and enjoy the ultimate all-in-one convenience for managing your digital assets!

*ERC-20 standard

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Seamless Integration with StarPOINTS Rewards!

Earn, manage, and redeem StarXP seamlessly with StarWALLET's integrated StarPOINTS rewards program from various merchants under StarWORKS Global! Enjoy a hassle-free experience while you keep track of your rewards and manage your digital assets all in one place.

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Sunset SCAN & GO!

Experience the convenience of Scan and Go! Redeem your StarXP seamlessly with registered merchants under StarWORKS Global by simply scanning your membership QR Code. Enjoy hassle-free transactions and make the most out of your StarXP rewards.


At StarWALLET, your security is our top priority. That's why we use blockchain technology to protect all core transactions, including receiving and transferring digital assets. With our layered security program, you can trust that your assets are safe and secure at all times.