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We are StarWORKS

Aiming for the Stars and Beyond

Starworks Global Pte Ltd, a Singapore corporation has a rich 20-year history within the hospitality industry with our head office based in the tourist mecca of Bali, Indonesia.

We are currently working towards commercializing an ecosystem of integrated blockchain & technology-based products & services to revolutionize the global Tourism and Hospitality industry. Our Ecosystem will be strategically delivered into the market via our StarONE Initiative program.

We have structured a scalable B2B & B2C business model offering huge global growth opportunities, particularly with our blockchain-based flagship product StarPOINTS Loyalty & Rewards program. Underpinning all of this is our STARX token, the native currency of our ecosystem which is soon to be listed on the LATOKEN exchange.

In summary, we have developed multiple blockchain & technology-based products & services within our Ecosystem which incorporates a crypto overlay offering huge benefits and opportunities to our customers, merchants, and investors alike.

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Cross-border currency fee & transfer limit

Covid has decimated the global Tourism & Hospitality industry

Cross-border currency fee & transfer limit

Expiring Loyalty & rewards point system with limited options for redemption

Cross-border currency fee & transfer limit

Costly cross border transfer fees & delayed timings with traditional banks

Cross-border currency fee & transfer limit

Limited use of blockchain technology in the industry


Now is the perfect time to launch our STARX Token and StarONE Initiative program. As the world starts to emerge from the post COVID apocalypse we are perfectly positioned to capitalize on the return of the Tourism & Hospitality markets.

  • Develop & deploy our ecosystem to position ourselves favorably for the return of post-covid tourism
  • Crypto based ecosystem offering low-cost fiat exchange rates
  • Non-expiring blockchain Loyalty & Reward points system with broad redemption capacity
  • An integrated ecosystem of products and services

StarWORKS Ecosystem

StarWORKS Ecosystem

Our Ecosystem is more than a vision, it is a gateway to accelerate wealth creation, provide value and create new opportunities for our customers, merchants and investors alike.


Token Info & Economics

Max token supply 1.0b tokens
Circulating supply 600.0m tokens
Initial supply 20000000
Token Type Utility token based on ERC777
Tokens will be allocated to participants as follows:
Funds raised via this offering will be invested in the commercialization of elements within the StarWORKS Ecosystem


Our journey from the past to our vision for the future

Executive Team

StarWORKS Global comprises a team of and passionate professionals with extensive knowledge and expertise across many business disciplines. Our team and culture is the driving force behind our innovation, direction and vision for the future.

  • Graham J Bristow

    Graham J Bristow

    Chairman & Co-Founder

  • Troy Bradbury

    Troy Bradbury


  • David E. Roes

    David E. Roes

    Financial Advisory

  • Fransiska


    President Director StarLABS

  • Darren Selby

    Darren Selby


  • I Made Chandra Riyadi Kusuma

    I Made Chandra Riyadi Kusuma


  • Lukas Dombrowski

    Lukas Dombrowski


  • I Gede Gunadi Wirawan

    I Gede Gunadi Wirawan

    Head Blockchain Programmer

  • Verry Gusti Andrea

    Verry Gusti Andrea

    Head Software Engineering

  • Cynthia Tanidi

    Cynthia Tanidi

    Marketing Manager

  • Ama Hanifah

    Ama Hanifah

    Group Administration Manager

  • Made Putra Yasa

    Made Putra Yasa

    Co-Founder & CLO

Business Partners