StarPOINTS is a non-expiring, blockchain-based rewards program developed by StarWORKS Global. Members can easily earn and redeem their StarPOINTS reward points on merchants within the StarWORKS ecosystem. Additionally, StarPOINTS offers a secure and streamlined experience for merchants to manage their loyalty programs on the blockchain. StarPOINTS seamlessly integrates with the StarWALLET app, providing merchants and members with a simple and intuitive platform for managing their rewards.

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Many individuals find themselves burdened with loyalty cards as they join numerous rewards programs. This can be inefficient and time-consuming, as individuals must keep track of multiple cards and manage varying points systems across different merchants. Moreover, it is worth noting that many rewards programs have expiration dates for their points, leading to frustration and loss of value for consumers who fail to redeem their rewards before they expire.

StarPOINTS solves these problems by creating a single, streamlined, non-expiring rewards program based on blockchain technology. Integrating StarPOINTS reward programs into StarWALLET simplifies the process of earning and redeeming rewards while also providing users with a secure and transparent system for tracking their rewards.

StarPOINTS is a revolutionary rewards program that allows its members to earn and redeem rewards that never expire. You can use and keep your non-expiring StarXP points with peace of mind, giving you the freedom to use them whenever you like.

As a member of StarPOINTS, members can easily earn and redeem their rewards in the form of StarXP points at various participating merchants within the StarWORKS Global ecosystem. Members can also earn rewards by participating in various promotions and events organised by StarWORKS and its participating merchants.
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