StarPOINTS is a loyalty program offered by StarWORKS. This is a marketing program that allows merchants to record their loyalty programs on blockchain. StarPOINTS is built into the StarWALLET (e-wallet), which is convenient for both merchants and users to manage and use.

StarPOINTs Art 2

In today’s world, people usually hold more than one card as they join various loyalty programs. These consist of frequent flyers, travel agents, supermarkets, cosmetics, coffee rewards and many more types of cards.

Users may have to carry more than 10 cards at once when they leave home or the office. With the StarWORKS Ecosystem, the user can store many cards electronically and can simply select the applicable merchant card from their StarWALLET.

Blockchain technology will help solve problems associated with managing and tracking reward programs. StarWORKS’ StarPOINTS program will also benefit the merchant in expanding the reach and efficiency of their programs using StarPOINTS as a currency.

StarPOINTS are issued to users as a reward for spending their StarXP tokens with merchants registered within the StarWORKS Ecosystem.

The merchant benefits from spending less time managing the loyalty program and more time operating their business.
The customer on the other hand, has various programs under one simple management application. In larger business operations, companies can remove the liability created by the issuance of reward points from their published financial accounts and replace it with an asset.
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