StarPOINTS is a loyalty rewards program based on StarXP tokens. By awarding StarPOINTS, merchants inspire customer loyalty and track transactions on the blockchain. StarPOINTS is built into the StarWALLET, which is convenient for both merchants and users to manage and use.

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In today’s world, people usually hold more than one card as they join various loyalty programs. With the StarWORKS e-WALLET the user can store many cards electronically and can simply select the applicable merchant card from their StarWALLET.

StarWORKS’ StarPOINTS program will benefit the merchant in expanding the reach and efficiency of their programs using StarPOINTS as a currency.

StarPOINTS are issued to users as a reward for spending their StarXP tokens with merchants registered within the StarWORKS Ecosystem.

Reward programs awarding loyalty points that can only be redeemed by the issuing merchant are rapidly becoming a thing of the past. Customers will value loyalty points that are useful and will pay a small premium to obtain them, effectively covering the cost of the reward program.

StarPOINTS are always guaranteed redeemable at any time for StarX Tokens directly on the StarWALLET or for other currencies through our StarMEX digital financial network. As participation in the StarWORLD Ecosystem grows, StarPOINTS become more useful to both the customer and the merchant.

StarPOINTS that remain outstanding and are not yet redeemed or converted cost the issuing merchant nothing. When a merchant redeems StarPOINTS, it immediately has an asset that can be reissued, converted to StarX Tokens, or held on its balance sheet as a store of value.

StarPOINTS are tracked by Starworks on the blockchain throughout the StarWORLD Ecosystem, and reports all relevant transactions to the merchant in simple digital reporting. The merchant benefits from spending less time managing the loyalty program and more time operating their business.
Because the customers cover the cost of StarPOINTS in the pricing of the merchant’s products and services, StarPOINTS already redeemed by the merchant are an asset, and StarPOINTS issued and still outstanding are only a contingent liability. Loyalty points that are never redeemed no longer accumulate as a perpetual and problematic liability on the merchant’s balance sheet.
A merchant that redeems more StarPOINTS than it issues benefits from a balance of payments surplus, and can hold them as a financial asset that can be borrowed against or liquidated when needed, all the while potentially appreciating through the growing following of the underlying StarX Tokens.
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