The STARX Token Series comprises STARX, STARXP and STARXB tokens that are attached to the system, products, and services being developed under the StarWORKS Ecosystem. These tokens are being developed under StarWORKS Blockchain (StarCHAIN) according to specific functions and features.

Icon rebuilding Hospitality

As we move forward, the products and services within the StarWORLD Ecosystem will be offered to the Tourism, entertainment, and hospitality sector to assist in its rebuilding after the disastrous effect of the COVID-19 Pandemic.

STARX Tokens are digital exchange-listed, and the proceeds of the sale of STARX Tokens are applied toward the completion and commercialization of the elements of the StarWORKS Ecosystem.

Icon STARX on Exchange Platforms

The STARX token is launched on the LATOKEN & Coinstore exchanges which enable holders to trade, exchange with other coins or tokens, and offer the ability to cash out.

In 2019, StarWORKS issued 1,000,000,000 STARX tokens with the smart contract address verified on There are approximately 125,000,000 STARX Tokens held by individuals and corporate investors.