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24 Nov 2022


F.A.Q. StarPOINTS, photo by Pexels 

Here are some of the Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.) about our StarPOINTS reward programs.

What are StarPOINTS?

StarPOINTS is a blockchain-based reward program that is developed by StarWORKS Global. Members of StarPOINTS will receive digital assets in the form of STARXP points for each transaction at any merchant within the StarWORKS ecosystem. 

StarWORKS Global develops points based on the tokenisation process to improve customer experience by awarding StarPOINTS as valuable assets, streamlining the online and offline user experience when earning and redeeming, and creating a secure rewards point system to minimize fraud.

What is STARXP?

What is STARXP, photo by Pexels

STARXP is a native token used within StarWORKS Global’s rewards program, StarPOINTS. StarPOINTS are issued to members as a reward for spending their STARXP within the StarWORKS Global ecosystem.

What is StarWALLET?

StarWALLET is an ERC20-compatible crypto wallet where users can manage and store all types of tokens issued by StarWORKS global and other digital assets under standard ERC20 protocol. To simplify your process, StarWALLET also can be used to manage your STARXP Points easily.

How do I Start and Register my StarPOINTS Rewards Program?

Registering StarPOINTS Rewards Program, photo by Pexels

Before a customer can earn StarPOINTS, first, they need to apply for the rewards program. Here is an easy step on how to apply for the StarPOINTS rewards program.

  • Download the StarWALLET app from the PlayStore or App Store. You can also sign up using our web-based StarWALLET application.
  • Sign up for your StarWALLET app by filling in all of the required fields.
  • Click the link that was sent to your email to activate your StarWALLET account. 
  • Open the StarWALLET app, go to the “Rewards” menu, select one merchant from the menu and you will get your generated Member ID.
  • The StarPOINTS rewards program will be activated and ready to use.

How do I earn StarPOINTS?

Here is the easy way for you to earn StarPOINTS.

  • Start by making food or beverage purchases at various StarWORKS Global ecosystems.
  • Before you make payment at the cashier, open the StarWALLET app, go to the “Rewards” menu, choose your desired merchants, and show your generated Member ID to the cashier.
  • Cashier will input your Member ID, your STARXP Token will automatically be sent to your StarWALLET app.

Benefits of StarPOINTS Rewards Program

By applying to StarPOINTS rewards program, members will receive various benefits. Here are some of the benefits that members will receive.

  • Members can earn STARXP points by making transactions or purchases of food, beverages, and various services within the StarWORKS Global ecosystem.
  • Redeem STARXP points for future transactions at various merchants within the StarWORKS Global ecosystem.
  • STARXP points can be kept as an asset for trading with other digital assets or converted into fiat money.
  • Non-expiring rewards points. Members can keep and use their points as long as members do not terminate their membership.
  • Members can easily buy, swap and manage points through the StarWALLET app.

How to Redeem Your StarPOINTS

If members have collected enough StarPOINTS, they can redeem and use them within the StarWORKS Global ecosystem. Here is the process of how to redeem StarPOINTS.

  • Members need to visit registered merchants within the StarWORKS Global ecosystem.
  • Members must inform the cashier that they wish to redeem and pay using points.
  • Show Member ID and STARXP balance to the cashier. 
  • The cashier will process transactions using the POS system.
  • Members will receive a notification from their StarWALLET app, requesting confirmation for transactions using STARXP.
  • If members do not receive any notification, they can open StarWALLET and check the menu “Pay”.
  • Click confirm to use and redeem the STARX points.

Will my Points Expire?

No, StarPOINTS and your STARX tokens will not expire. It has no expiration date, meaning you can keep it forever and use it anytime you wish.

What are the Terms and Conditions for StarPOINTS Rewards Programs?

Terms and Conditions, photo by Pexels

Please read the terms and conditions carefully before participating in StarPOINTS rewards program. By joining the StarPOINTS rewards program, you are hereby agreeing to be bound by the terms and conditions below.

StarPOINTS Rewards Program

  • To be a part of the StarPOINTS rewards program, customers must be registered as StarWALLET account member. You can register here.
  • Customers must input a valid name and date of birth as present on the government Identification Card (KTP), a valid and active phone number & email address to receive registration notifications and various promotions.
  • Customers are responsible for updating their information data if there are any changes.
  • StarPOINTS rewards program are FREE of charge.
  • This rewards program can only be used by the rightful owner whose name is registered on the card according to the data during registration.
  • Each customer is only entitled to one rewards program account. StarWORKS Global has the right to refuse, merge, and/or close any suspected account at any time.
  • Every member can access and log in to the StarWALLET account to use their membership. Members can checkpoints, their purchase history, and all related material to the StarPOINTS rewards program.
  • StarWORKS Global may use your personal information for sending marketing, promotion, customer-based marketing research, accounting reports, and other purposes related to StarPOINTS.
  • If you wish to terminate your rewards program, you can contact us at [email protected]. All of your points and benefits that are already issued will be automatically canceled upon your termination.
  • StarWORKS Global has the right to discontinue or cancel the rewards program at any time upon written notice and publication on websites and social media.

Reward Points

  • For every transaction, members will receive benefits in the form of STARXP points.
  • In order to receive STARXP points, members must present their Member ID generated from the StarWALLET app to the cashier. If members are unable to show their Member ID, they are ineligible to receive STARXP points.
  • Members may exchange their accumulated STARXP points for any products and services at merchants under the StarWORKS Global ecosystem. Points will be deducted after any successful exchange of products and/or services. 
  • Members are able to buy points through the StarWALLET app or contact us at [email protected]
  • The points do NOT have an expiration date unless the member is no longer participating in the StarPOINTS rewards program. Upon termination, all points and rewards that are already issued will be canceled.

Our terms and conditions, rewards program, and other subjects related to the program may change from time to time with or without notice. The customer is responsible for checking the rewards program update regularly.

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