20 JUNE 2021
20 Jun 2021


The application of crypto assets is increasing and moving faster in developing countries. For example, Indian workers in Chicago can exchange their dollars into bitcoins, which are then sent to families and exchanged back into rupees. In Venezuela, cryptocurrency helped them out of hyperinflation. This is good news, considering that crypto-assets are still underestimated.

Food industries around the world are starting to create unique ways of combining technology with the culinary business. Burger King, every purchase of Whopperrito is entitled to Whopper Coin. This program has just been tested in Russia where Burger King applies bitcoin as a means of payment for every transaction. One of the largest Food Delivery Marketplaces in the Netherland, Just Eat Takeaway.com applies payments using any type of cryptocurrency to customers who use its platform. They handle nearly 500,000 local restaurants with delivery requests in 24 countries today. There's another, Russia's “Want to Eat” food delivery services platform that accepts payments using Ethereum (ETH) and its token called WHY. If you live in a city like New York, you can search for something like ‘crypto restaurants in New York’ and find many. 787 Coffee is one of those places where you can pay with cryptocurrency as smoothly as you pay with a credit card or Apple Pay.

For Now, Crypto investment is starting to be noticed by new investors as a legitimate and trustworthy investment tool. In addition, industries that have participated in developing digital asset services have also added that several industries often use crypto as a legal means of payment. Sometimes there are special promos for every transaction that uses crypto. This is interesting!

Seeing the enormous potential of digital assets such as crypto in the future, making industries try to come up with ideas even though crypto is not yet a legal payment instrument in most countries. This is what underlies Starworks Global to create the idea of combining hospitality with technology. Starworks Global is a company that combines blockchain technology with the hospitality and tourism industry. Red Ruby, the popular nightclub and restaurant in Seminyak Bali, is part of a business partner of Starworks Global, will collaborate with Cryptocurrency as the first campaign that combines current technology.

WELCOME to CRYPTO BURGER!! Eat your Burger, Earn your Crypto - join the revolution of the hospitality industry. For every purchase of burgers and cocktails, you will be entitled to a 100 STARX token as a REWARD. STARX token is our digital currency, that can be used for trading, exchange to another coin/token, cashable and the most important is token has no expiry date. This program will start on July 2nd, 2021 and you can enjoy the delicious burger or drink the best cocktail and get your crypto reward.

How To Earn Crypto Rewards?

The idea of Crypto Burger is not only for getting burgers, but the reward offers more benefits such as investment opportunities. Can you imagine that when you bought something and you get crypto as the loyalty reward? YAS! This increases in value because the tokens obtained by consumers in the future will not only for products and services redemption but they can be transferred, traded, exchanged for another coin/tokens, or even cash. The customer will get many ways of benefits from it and there are no expiry points in crypto. The crypto rewards model can also be used in loyalty programs on merchants and business partners of Starworks Global. So, let's join the revolution of the hospitality industry!

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